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The Build Process

1) Permitting

With plans and specifications complete, our structural engineer designs the components that will support the home’s structure like the foundation, girders, and roof system. Then we can submit the package to the local municipality for a building permit.  Each county is different in how long it takes for permit approval.

Image by Scott Graham
Installation Power Buggy Rental

2) Grading

The first major step toward construction is grading your homesite and demolishing any structures that are in the way.  We also remove any trees that are unlikely to survive after your home is complete.

3) Foundation

The surveyor uses stakes to lay out exactly where your home will sit on the homesite.  Then the footing crew digs their trenches and holes, and the concrete footing is poured and leveled.  The foundation is built on top of this footing and made level and ready for the framing crew.

Concrete Foundation
Image by Josh Olalde

4) Framing

Lumber arrives and the framing crew lays out your home’s walls and structure.  The team starts by attaching the wood structure to the foundation and then builds up the supporting walls and floor systems. Next they add important structural elements to support the weight of the house and eventually, the roof.

5) Roofing

The roofers apply shingles and roofing underlayment to ensure that your home is sealed off from the elements, and that it stays dry for years to come.

Roofing a House
Image by Sigmund

6) Roughing-In Systems

Plumbers come and prepare the drain piping and water supply lines (both hot and cold) throughout the house. Heating and Air technicians arrive and install the duct work and heat exchanger system.  Next, Electricians place all their wiring and run it back to the central breaker panel.

7) Insulation

The roughed-in systems and the structure of the home are inspected by the local municipality to ensure everything is properly installed and meets local building codes.  We hold a pre-drywall meeting with the client, where we’ll review and explain all the systems before they’re covered up.  Then the insulators come and insulate all the exterior walls of the home.

Insulation Installation in Room
Interior Design Construction

8) Drywall

After the insulation is approved by the local inspector, drywall is installed on the interior walls.  Next all the seams between sheets of drywall are taped off and given several coats of drywall compound to smooth them out.  This process takes several days as the house must dry completely between coats. Finally, the walls are sanded down to a nice smooth finish and walls receive a primer coat of paint.

9) Bath Flooring

Ceramic installers come and put down waterproof membranes and prepare surfaces with a skim coat to level them before installing tiles.  Tile and ceramic finishes are installed in place and then grouted to fully seal them.

Floor Adhesive for Tiling

10) Carpentry

Finish carpenters install baseboards, doors, and window trim.  Cabinetry is installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Final measurements are taken for countertops, and they are fabricated and installed.  Paint is applied to the walls and we are ready to finish out the systems of the home.

11) Finish Systems

Plumbers return and install faucets, toilets and shower fixtures.  Heating and Air technicians return and install the condensing units outside, trim out the duct vents throughout the house and install thermostats.  Electricians return to trim out switches and install light fixtures.

Wall Water Heater
Laminate Wood Floor

12) Flooring

Hardwood and any other remaining flooring is installed and finished.  Carpet is installed in rooms selected for that material.

13) Home Demonstration

After some fine tuning, paint touch ups and careful quality checks, the home is ready for you to tour.  Your project manager will walk you through the home and explain how all the systems operate.  Warranties and home maintenance recommendations are reviewed as well.

Leasing a Home
New Home Owners

14) Settlement

The big day has arrived!  After completing your paperwork with the attorney, you receive the keys to your new home and can start moving in. Our relationship doesn’t end here, however – at Division One Homes, we stand behind our product with a complete home warranty.

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